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October 18, 2020 Decorations Ideas

Choosing Boho Décor to Bring Fresh Air into Your House

Boho décor is good decoration idea for you who are looking for new decoration. You may have been so bored with your current house decoration. It is very boring to see the common decoration. You may find that there is no special things in your house and you need to bring different sensation to your house. the Boho decoration can bring fresh air to your house, so you can feel the different sensation of house decoration. Some people may think that the Bohemian decoration is only like a messy decoration. In fact, Bohemian decoration is not a messy decoration. It is more about freedom in decorating your house.

boho apartment decor

boho apartment decor

Boho decor for your house
When you are talking about ideas of Bohemian decoration, it may be like a decoration without rules. In fact, there are patterns and rules in boho decoration, although the rules are not like the rules in other decorations. In this case, you can start to think about your wall. You can have many kinds of palette. In this case, you can have bright colour or saturated colour for your walls. Then, you can use other colour to create color punches. These are the main element of Bohemian palette. For example, you can paint your wall in white, then you can use green and magenta for the colour punches. Related to the palette, you can add metallic accents to your decoration.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Choosing Boho Décor to Bring Fresh Air into Your House

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Boho Tapestries and Rugs
Tapestries and rugs are other things that you can find in many Boho decorations. In this case, you can use the ethnic tapestries or other kinds of tapestries and rugs. You can hang those things on the wall. For example, you can have big tapestry hanging above your bed. You can get colourful tapestry with great pattern. This tapestry and rug can bring better sensation to your house. Surely, this can be much better than your previous house decoration. 

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