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May 4, 2020 Decor

Customize Homemade Rustic Floor Lamps

With the arrival of autumn, we decided to make beautiful rustic floor lamps using a branch with copper. You can easily make or buy solid cylindrical tone to put on top of the bulb. Now, do not cut trees as we did, but if you find a branch that is falling or is about to fall, then yes. Continue reading this manual to learn how to make a rustic lamp.

Bronze Lamp Popular Shades

Bronze Lamp Popular Shades

Cut the bottom edge of the branch with a saw to make a flat surface. Hold the branch over the stump to determine placement. We decided to place ours outside the center to compensate for the arch of the rustic lamps for cabins, but it can also be placed in the center. Draw with a pencil to mark the place where you will later place it. Use the perforator to make a circular hole in the center of the place where you want the branch to be.

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Then change to a small drill (0.312 cm or smaller) to drill a small hole directly in the center of the hole through the entire stump. This is the guide distressed table lamps hole for the screw or nail that you are going to embed at the bottom. Place a good amount of wood glue on the bottom of the branch and in the hole you made, and then put the branch in its place.

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