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Did You Know Asbestos Testing?

Such is its destructive power, which the alchemists called it “salamander wool “at a time when it was believed that only one of these animals could poison an entire army. It was not until the arrival of Marco Polo in China, where it was commercially extracted from the mines, that the myth of the animal and magical origin of asbestos testing vanished.

About Asbestos Testing

About Asbestos Testing

For many it will be easier to identify the aminate if we speak of uralite  and fiber cement , the two brands with which it was marketed in Spain. Already entered the twentieth century, the asbestos testing industry excelled in the construction , the thermal insulation of spaces and pipes, the soundproofing of spaces, and the manufacture of pipes and pipes of conduction of fumes, as well as the elaboration of containers water tanks and other liquids

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Plates for ceilings and tubes for conduction of fluids and fumes made with this material were used in most of the buildings and industrial buildings from the end of the Civil War and well into the nineties of the last century. The roofs of many factories, sheds and farms were made with this material, as well as numerous pipes in the buildings. Also the soundproofing of cinemas, theaters and auditoriums, in which, in some cases, asbestos testing may still be present.

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