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September 15, 2020 Decorations Theme

Free you’re Mind in Bohemian Room Decor

Bohemian room decor – means decorating your room into the art with bright and calm colors, with wood, real or fabric leather, and other things from nature. Bohemian style or also called boho style is something you should try in your home because it brings a super different atmosphere that will make you feel the sense of nature. If you know the decorations in the Indian or Gypsy style, than you are able to use it on your own boho style. The bohemian style also gets influence with the Eastern decoration from Morocco. Describing bohemian style is something that facetious, strange, yet artistic style that represents the personality from the decorator.

bohemian chic room decor

bohemian chic room decor

Popular item for your bohemian room decor

13 Inspiration Gallery from Free you’re Mind in Bohemian Room Decor

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There are so much item that you can use as the decoration of your bohemian decor. The bohemian style is your style; it is something that is really you. Here, I will give you some examples of items that are quite popular among others to create the boho decoration. First, there is the dream catcher, which the Indian believes it will filter the bad dreams so you will not having any bad dreams. There is a symbol called the Mandala which usually crafted in the stones, rugs, or vases. There is also the healing crystal set that is identical with the Gypsies.

Creating bohemians room

One thing you have to remember before creating a bohemian style room is that this style is do not bound with the trend nowadays and need to add some art. It is ok if you want to mix and match the old furniture with adding some Gypsy or Morocco style. Put some arts in your wall, like paintings or wall chandeliers. Don’t afraid to use any color that you like, like the blue and purple for the wall, there is nothing wrong n it. Remember to be yourself on creating your bohemian room.

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