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October 7, 2020 Decor

How to Lay Asbestos Tile

Asbestos tile – Vinyl sheet flooring can cover your old floor quickly without too much hassle. It is one of the easiest floors to install. It can be laid straight over old asbestos tiles as long as the old tiling does not break apart. There are plenty of patterns to choose from and, because it comes in large slices, there is very little glue that is needed to hold it in place.

Custom Asbestos Tile

Custom Asbestos Tile


12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Lay Asbestos Tile

Image of: Vinyl Asbestos Tile
Image of: Vintage Asbestos Tile
Image of: Traditional Asbestos Tile
Image of: System Asbestos Tile
Image of: Review Asbestos Tile
Image of: Repair Asbestos Tile
Image of: Red Asbestos Tile
Image of: Rectangle Asbestos Tile
Image of: Plastic Asbestos Tile
Image of: Modern Asbestos Tiles
Image of: Dark Asbestos Tile
Image of: Custom Asbestos Tile

Remove floor tiles from around the edge of the room using a kettle and a hammer to carefully work the nails loose from the wall. Save asbestos tile to reuse after you have installed the floor. Remove the old nails by pointing them on the back to drive them back through the woods. Measure the floor from side to side in both directions, round the numbers to the nearest integer and multiply the numbers together to get the space in the room. Buy enough vinyl sheets to cover the area plus a little more.

Take the roll of indoor shots for at least 24 hours before planning to install it so that it has a chance to get to room temperature, which makes it much easier to work with. Sweep the old asbestos tile to remove loose dirt. Glue all loose plates with small building glue. Fill any gaps with a floor patch compound with a 6-inch flap. Wipe according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make a paper template in the room by spreading brown paper, tape together in the seams with masking tape and cutting out the perimeter of the room with a knife and straight edge. Select the template with a few directions so you are sure to cut vinyl leaf floors in the right direction.

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