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October 9, 2020 Decor

More Pleasant Outdoor Backyard Shade

Backyard shade – To fully enjoy our garden or terrace we need a living area with comfortable furniture that allows us to relax, but it is also essential to have a shaded area that protects us from the sun’s rays or raindrops. The experience of a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, chats and even a meal with family and friends, will always be more pleasant sheltered under the shade of some element that is also very decorative for the garden environment.

Backyard Shade and Light

Backyard Shade and Light

Awnings are a popular alternative to provide backyard shade for outdoor environments due to its great aesthetics and light weight. There are very innovative designs like this image, where their sails are not hit with the wind and when it hits the awning it does so silently. There are awnings for all sizes and needs, so they are much more than a purely functional element.

12 Inspiration Gallery from More Pleasant Outdoor Backyard Shade

Image of: Small Backyard Shade
Image of: Simple Backyard Shade
Image of: Patio Backyard Shade
Image of: Outdoor Backyard Shade
Image of: Orange Backyard Shade
Image of: Large Backyard Shade
Image of: House Backyard Shade
Image of: Dining Backyard Shade
Image of: Backyard Shade Models
Image of: Backyard Shade Ideas
Image of: Backyard Shade Patio Ideas
Image of: Backyard Shade and Light

This double backyard shade results from an extravagant aesthetic, since it covers the entire space of the terrace in the pergola raising one of its ends taking it to the large trees. As we mentioned before, the awnings protect perfectly from the sun, but also from the rain, like this design that works like a canopy.

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