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Realizing Western Bathroom Décor

Western bathroom décor is also known as cowboy bathroom décor. Whatever your calling for the concept is, it is about a decoration to pull off a wild and fun atmosphere to the bathroom. According to your own preference, you can make it up light or very strong for the Western or cowboy decorations. With clever arrangement of rustic decorations of choices, you can show off your unique personality and showcasing your collectibles.

bathroom western decor

bathroom western decor

Basic Elements of Western Bathroom Décor

14 Inspiration Gallery from Realizing Western Bathroom Décor

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First of all, we should consider about the basic elements. The two we’ll be talking right now are the walls and floors, and the wall accessories. For an ultimate Western décor of your bathroom, the wall can be earlier set in reclaimed barn board or knotty pine. Those options will offer fashionable look while still sticking to the idea of Western or country living. Meanwhile, reclaimed old wood will be nice for an enhanced view from the flooring aspect. As you may know, the wall accessories have also to be in line with the wall finish. Whether you want to go with completely wood walls or walls painted in Western shades like tan, accessories will bring Western or cowboy feeling for real. Horseshoes hung above the toilet area is the most favorable application to improve the Western vibe. To add more cowboy taste, use roping instead of ordinary picture frames around the artworks.

Fabrics for Western Bathroom

The decorations continue to other aspects: the fabrics. For your very good information, the towels and curtains can also be the sign of Western bathroom. Western signature motifs for the towel include horseshoes, ropes, branding irons, and ranch letters. Meanwhile, the curtains can appear with wolf image with evergreen trees as the background. Finally, the rugs made from rope, cow-spotted cups, and the antique trashcans are to sum up the Western/cowboy décor for your bathroom.

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