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August 21, 2020 Decorations Cakes

Several Simple Ideas of Decorated Cakes

Decorated cakes can be great gift for your best friend. This can be a great idea. The cakes can be both delicious and interesting because of the decorated stuffs. It may sound difficult to do, but actually you can do it easily. The steps are like making common cakes. What you need to do is to put more creativity on the steps. Buying may be the best solution to get these unique cakes, but it may not be so meaningful. It will be much better if you make the cakes by your own hands.

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Ideas of decorated cakes
There can be many ideas for the unique cakes. To decorate the cakes, you do not need special tools. What you need is only your creativity and bravery to try. First idea is to use frosting dot. To make the frosting dots, you only need the plastic pastry bag. With the frosting dots, the cakes can be more interesting. For example, you can have polka dot cakes. You can make dots on the cake randomly. It will be better if you can combine the colour. For example, you can have blue for the dominant colour of the cake, and you can use white and yellow for the dots. As the result, you can have tasty, colourful and unique cake. Your friend will like it very much.

14 Inspiration Gallery from Several Simple Ideas of Decorated Cakes

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Fondant shape for your unique cakes
Another idea is to make fondant shape. In this case, you can have fondant shapes from many colours. In this case, you can create the unique shapes using cookie cutters. There can be many patterns of cutters and you can choose based on what you like. You can also make your own shapes using knife. In this case, you have to pay attention that the fondant can dry quickly, so you should wrap it with plastic. When your cakes have been ready, you can decorate the cakes using the fondant shapes.

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