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November 17, 2020 Garage

Step By Step Guide Garage Conversion

Garage conversion – The home that seemed so spacious when you bought it may start to feel crowded as your family grows and changes over time. If moving or lying on is not an option, you might want to turn a wind, basement or garage to the living area. A garage conversion is cheaper and less intrusive than an add-on, and it’s less bureaucratic hassle. A large part of the work can be done by a DIY homeowner armed with the right tools and knowledge.

Amazing Garage Conversion

Amazing Garage Conversion


12 Inspiration Gallery from Step By Step Guide Garage Conversion

Image of: Unusual Garage Conversion
Image of: Twin Garage Conversion
Image of: Simple Garage Conversion
Image of: Interest Garage Conversion
Image of: Image Garage Conversion
Image of: Garage Conversion Plan
Image of: Gallery Garage Conversion
Image of: Exterior Garage Conversion
Image of: Esquire Garage Conversion
Image of: Design Garage Conversion
Image of: Awesome Garage Conversion
Image of: Amazing Garage Conversion

Contact your local zone board or building department to build code information and any required permissions. Decide what the garage conversion will be used for and design the layout. You can sketch on paper, use a computer-aided construction (CAD) program, or hire an architect. An advantage to convert a garage is that it’s an open space with quite high ceilings, giving you a variety of options for its new purpose. Some options include a bedroom, workshop, home gym, media room, studio, office, or game room.

Depending on the size of the garage conversion, you may want to divide it into two separate rooms. Decide which parts of the project you will do for yourself, and which you can hire a professional contractor to do. For some parts of the project, such as electrical; Plumbing; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) work, local laws may require the job done by licensed or certified personnel. Once you have decided on parts of the project, contract out, look for prices and research entrepreneurs you think.

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