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The Best Garage Epoxy

Garage epoxy is a good cover for your garage floor. It provides a protective layer that is durable, easy to clean, resistant to oil and grease stains, and can withstand the heat of your car tires. It is available in several colors so you can match other colors around your house. Look for an epoxy kit that comes with paint and hardener. Once the hardener is mixed with the paint, it becomes a thick epoxy. Preparation is the most important part of this project, but you should be able to complete your garage floor within a weekend.

Famous Garage Epoxy

Famous Garage Epoxy

Ideas for DIY garage epoxy, Scrape any trapped debris on the floor of your garage with the edge of a flat shovel. Sweep dirt and dust with a broom. Of the tape of the protective cover on the bottom of the walls and on the baseboards to protect them. Mix a cleaning solution of a degreaser / garage floor cleaner and water in a bucket, following the instructions on the cleaner. Pour the solution on the garage floor and scrub with the cleaning solution, using the power washer. Rub narrow areas, corners and along the wall with your bristle brush hand. Rinse the floor, using a garden hose and water.

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Mix 10 parts of water with muriatic acid 1 part in a bucket. Rinse the garage with water from the garden hose. Remove the power washer and rinse pads to be removed. Replace them and scrub the garage floor again with water. Do this a few more times, and leave the floor dry. Pour the hardener into the paint of the garage epoxy kit, stirring constantly with the paint stick. After allowing the combination to stand for 30 minutes, it should be converted to epoxy; use it within the next two hours.

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