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October 27, 2020 Decorations Theme

To Style Your Kitchen with Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tuscan kitchen decor can let you to experience both the comfort of Mediterranean and rustic in the same time. Gathering all of the elements of tuscan, it is the very first thing you can do. Observe some colors and textures that reflect tuscan. The kitchen flooring that you choose, you better choose the one with tuscan flavor. The kitchen furniture, then you need to pick such with tuscan style. Usually, a furniture with distressed look is recommended. Relating to kitchen furniture with tuscan charm on it, you can distress your kitchen furniture by yourself or purchase it somewhere.

tuscan kitchen wall decor

tuscan kitchen wall decor

Color and Texture for Tuscan Kitchen Decor

15 Inspiration Gallery from To Style Your Kitchen with Tuscan Kitchen Decor

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Admit it that color has significant power to shape certain atmosphere that you prefer. For instance, adding tuscan feel into your kitchen, without doubt, you can rely on earthy colors like burnt orange, terracotta, golden, yellow, ocean blue, olive green, burgundy and brown. Still about color to style a tucan kitchen, you better avoid typical fresh or bright colors. Whilst, the texture should be like rough plastering to create certain unique crack or bumpy illusion to your wall or other furniture. Kind of textured paint that caters you with suede effect is something to put into the list.

Other Consideration to Decor a Tuscan Kitchen

Remember to bring natural elements into your tuscan kitchen to-be. Marble, granite, limestone, slate, and stone are some materials to pick as the countertop of your kitchen. Your kitchen flooring, in fact, it needs the same material as well. But it is not the only option, you can also install terracotta tiles as kitchen tiles. If your budget says yes, go for stone and granite. Both two are stunningly beautiful and quite durable with proper maintenance. Anyway, if it is not, try such do-it-yourself project like painting your laminate countertop with faux granite. Kitchen furniture like kitchen cabinetry should have a wither look.

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