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December 24, 2020 Garage

Underground Garage Design Ideas

Underground garage discourages many real estate developers, first, the need to provide high quality drainage, because during rains or spring floods amount of water that falls under the laws of gravity directly into the lowering of the garage door. And in winter, the descent can also be transported by snow, so much so that the door will literally have to be excavated with a shovel.

Amazing Underground Garage

Amazing Underground Garage

But, on the other hand, the garage in the basement can be very beneficial. First, it saves space on the site. A separate garage occupies a minimum of 35 m² and includes a blind and all 50 m². If the garage is integrated into the upper level of the building, then it makes the construction of an extra floor, which implies the need to strengthen the base, create expensive floors, etc. Secondly, after all the walls of the basement in the winter is not so taken the heat of the premises and the costs of maintaining a positive temperature in the underground garage can be an order of magnitude smaller. Sometimes, the relief of the construction plot is such that an underground or semi-underground garage suggests itself.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Underground Garage Design Ideas

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Image of: Amazing Underground Garage

Those who are simply going to build a house with an underground garage are much simpler nowadays, since for the creation of a convenient congress all the materials are available. Previously, it was more difficult, but even then they often built houses with underground garages. If you look closely, it is often inconvenient to use such garages.

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